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    Dear Lovely.
    You…are absolutely amazing. like i can’t describe it, and i wish i could, so i don’t sound weird. Anyways. I always love everything you do. when you tease me, when you walk talk, work, and even just look at me. i secretly go insane every time i see you and i cant believe you have noticed it. Like, first off, You are really funny, AND a fun guy. i actually find you nice…and nice looking *cough* anyways. my older sister told me that its not exactly good to be seeing guys i work with so i keep my distance when its needed. but i always try so hard to hurry and finish up my work so i can head on back and see you. whenever you leave, i count the minutes that go by until you come back. I look at your estimated return every. single. second. i adore you, i adore your presence and i adore you in general. you are an amazing human being that i want to be around. I don’t know what you think of me, at all…but all that matters is that you someday know that you are amazing. i want you to know, that i like you. and…i think i like like you. But i’ll keep my distance. i know better….so just promise me one thing? that you will never change. and that you will always be you. because you are lovely.
    Sincerely, the shy girl at work.

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