• How do you think you’re right?

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    Dear Mom,

    I can’t stand the way things are. You’re sitting there expecting something from me. You want me to make myself sick to achieve your ridiculous goals. You’ve already done it to my sister. I hate to admit that you’re right in one aspect. But wrong in every other way. You can’t treat people the way that you do. You can’t yell at me in my house. You can’t expect me to believe the lies you are trying to sell. Yes, I will do what you ask, but no I will not do so by forsaking all others!! And how dare you tell people you’re not mad at me??? Then you would send spies into my home and expect that I look the other way? Do you realize that I keep you in my life because I want you there? I don’t need you. So stop acting like a child. Take responsibility for your actions. Stop making bullshit excuses for yourself. You are not concerned about my health, but about your own vanity. You were not “just talking with a loud voice” you were angry and shouting. Don’t lie about it, own it. And I will be honest about things, but haven’t I done that from the start? I’ve never told you made up excuses for the way I look. All I’ve said, for years now is that I have reasons, but not excuses. But in that same light, you present me with excuse after excuse, meanwhile expecting miracles out of my sister. I will not forgive you this one. Not without repentance on your part. Not without you realizing how badly you have acted and owning up to it. Not without you admitting that I deserve your respect, and then actually showing me respect! Not without you knowing that I allow you in my house because I want you there, but I won’t want it much longer if this trend continues! I have a lot of work to do, Mom. But you do, too. Physically, and emotionally.

    Here’s hoping.

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