• Hey Daddy, it’s your Not-So-Little Girl

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    Hey Dad,

    It’s been about ten years since I’ve last seen you. That’s okay. I know it couldn’t be helped. I mean, my last memory is you telling me goodbye as they put you in the back of that police car. I didn’t even go to your trial, to tell them that I’ve been around for the whole thing. But they wouldn’t have believed me when I wanted to scream that you were actually innocent. Because you know damn well I’d have turned my back on you if you were guilty. But I knew you hadn’t done anything wrong. I was just a little girl then too. You’d be amazed to see me now. I ended up from Maryland to Arizona in just a matter of two decades. Your son is grown too. I couldn’t be a prouder big sister. But I feel like I don’t know how to have a dad anymore. When you see me again, I hope I’ll still be your daughter… Will I? These questions plague me…. Do you think you’ll accept me if I told you I liked girls? That I am a Pagan, not a Christian? That I don’t like barbie dolls, but I liked weed? I mean, you’ve missed out on countless things. Both of us have. I raised myself practically, mom got us off of the street and then spent the rest of the years working. I just wish you could’ve kissed all my heartaches all better… It’s not your fault though. You really didn’t know that our lives would be destroyed because of someone’s jealousy. I’m sorry Daddy, I just miss you. Never for a moment have I stopped loving you. Just remember that.

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