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    Listen I fucking love you I crave you, you ignite a fire within me I cant control I feel so connected to it’s so unreal I don’t know how to react round you half the time because I don’t want to give the game away anymore I’ve told you how I feel and I regret it because u shut me down. Still I carry on loving you because it’s all I know …listening to you and watching you be with someone who isn’t me hurts because I want you as my own. But I’ve gotten used to it because that’s what people like me do we love and stand by our friends and no matter how much we are in love with them we let them get on, because we know there is no chance of being with thr person so we have to deal with it. I do deal with it. Yes you ignore me when you are with a certain person and I get hurt but I’ve gotten used to that as any friend would. I just find it hard sometimes copying around you how do you really deal with someone you absolutely love with all your heart being upset and broken when you just want to make them happy..I LOVE YOU let me in please …I don’t know what you truly feel about me …u say u love me and u say I’ll never realise how much and how much you appreciate our friendship and how much I care about you…but I often wonder if things would be different of I was someone else entirely. Would you love me? I don’t now I sometimes dream I’m with you and we are together actually all the time I wake up so disappointed that it’s not real my heart sinks every time …I wait for your txt after work and morning txt and goodnight txt I just wait for you all the time even when it’s the “weekend” I wait for your txt but they never really happen unless I’m lucky :/ but hey such is life …I wish I saw u more I miss you so much how can I be friends with someone I’m so in love with it kills me everyday but I still struggle on sometimes I feel like I’m going out of my mind and other times u give me more that I ever want. I often hope that sometimes u love me deep down more than a friend. But maybe I’m just dreaming ..hey patient love passenger listened to that tonight reminds me of you …if you don’t recognise this text then catt think again I love you infinity xx and if you do love me please show it more because I have doubts and I had the guts to tell u how I felt about u …please don’t leave me wondering over been wondering too long..and well if you don’t then at least I know …our friendship is always going to be strong and if u don’t love me than that’s enough for me …I love u like a girl loves chocolate …

    Love your best friend… I’m a girl

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