• Dear Rob

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    Well this is kind of a goodbye letter. It might not be the last one I post on here, but it does serve a purpose and that is to say goodbye to what we have been to each other. It’s kind of fitting as it was you who showed me this site, as you sent me a link to a letter on here a long time ago now. I’m doing some really intensive therapy at the moment … to be honest it’s changing my life, though I wouldn’t expect you to understand that as I don’t think you believe in ‘that sort of stuff’. But for me it is life changing … it is enabling me to leave my life here, which I now know is what I need to do … it is enabling me to find myself and be true to myself, which is what I need to do to get through the rest of my life. You were a huge part of my life for a while and I’m hoping I can now thank you for what you’ve done for me … for if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have seen that my life here wasn’t right: let’s face it, if you fall in love with someone else, then your current relationship isn’t ‘right’. I think maybe that is something you still need to work on in your life, but it obviously won’t be with me. I still wish that ‘we’ could have worked out, I always will do … but I know we can’t, the simple fact that you couldn’t even
    manage to respond to my last message tells me that. I will move on now though, I’m working through it slowly, am dealing with it slowly and am slowly moving away from my dependence on you though I don’t think I will ever stop loving you. I told you everything in my last message to you, there’s nothing more to say. You couldn’t even be bothered to respond, which in the absence of anything further says it all. I will always remember what we had … goodbye now though, I love you. Love T xxx

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