• burning bridges

    by  • July 20, 2015 • Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    How many times would I have to go through this? Am I really not worth it? Do I really need to have a body that every ladies envied and a guy couldn’t live for? Ever since when I entered into this fucking romantic relationship all didn’t end well. Contrary to every fairytale endings, well, lucky for me there’s no happy ending. Perhaps because life is unfair and I’m still alive and as long as I’m alive, the pain is still there. Hunting me. How unjust it is to think that the person you love,trusted and believed in are the person whose going to tore you into pieces. Leaving you shattered. Feels like love is like a scam.A scam because they try to win your trust and when they are done using you, they disappeared like bubbles. Leaving you behind without a single penny. Leaves you hanging and not keeping up the promises he made. What is it that I haven’t do? Is my fidelity and love ain’t enough to you? Why do you do this to me when all I do is to love you?

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