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    I am so tired of the rat race. Making a living is quite the nuisance! I’m sure many people would agree. If I could, I just want to spend the rest of my life indulging in my various hobbies. Some of them will sound boring to most people, but I don’t care. The following list is stuff that I like to spend my time on:

    1. Reading (classics, fantasy, young adult, some contemporary books)
    2. Writing (mostly random, pointless things like this list)
    3. Western Classical music
    4. Tennis
    5. Roger Federer (yes, a stand-alone hobby)
    6. Drinking nice wine/ cocktails
    7. Walking in natural surroundings, stopping to take pictures or admire things
    8. Eating good food
    9. The sea (just sitting around)
    10. Trying to understand art (paintings/ sculptures)
    11. Reading about medieval/ Renaissance/Victorian-era costumes/ architecture/ way of life
    12. Talking to some people
    13. Watching a few TV shows and movies
    14. Playing the piano occasionally
    15. Baking

    That’s all, folks!

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    1. Re:Hobbies
      July 19, 2015 at 2:54 pm

      Love your list!!

      I would want to travel to the far corners of the earth, seeking out strange wildlife, beautiful vistas, exotic foods, and adventure sports.

      Still waiting for that winning lottery ticket… =)



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