• I miss you, and i want to tell you

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    I miss you. I know your eight month battle with illness was just a way to stay with us as long as you could. You held on as long as you as you could. You wanted to see me pass my drivers test, and you wanted to see me graduate but it was too long. You suffered for months so that you could be with your family and I know that the pain of everyday life was hard for you. I appreciate every moment you spent with us and I know that you wanted the best for us kids. Now that you’re gone, I miss you every single day. I love you dearly and I know that you look down on us and smile, It’s been three years since you passed and you’ve seen me overcome a drug addiction, you’ve watched me graduate, and you’ve seen me through two years of college. I hope the day I enlisted in the Air Force made you particularly proud, as I’m following in your footsteps. I wish you could meet my boyfriend, Zach, the man I hope to one day marry and start a family with. He would raise our children the same way you raised my siblings and I, tough, but lovingly, no doubt. He’s wonderful with the same sense of humor you had. My life has gone on without you, but you’re in my thoughts, and I ask for your blessings daily. I hope you’re safe, and I hope you see me as the young woman you hoped that one day I’d be. My heart is with you, and I believe firmly that you guide me through my life on the daily. I wish I had more to say about the long summer days where you’d take us to the park and play ball with us, and the nights spent around the fire and shooting of roman candles and smoke grenades, but at this point those are all distant memories. Now I only have hope that you look down on me, and smile at the way I’ve turned out. That’s all I ask for in life. I love you, and I hope I make you proud. I will continue to look after Andrew for you and make sure that he has a safe and understanding outlet for all the feelings that a pubescencent teenage boy has. I love hi, and your passing has brought blessing in the fact that our relationship has flourished. He misses you so deeply, too. We’re doing the best we can without you, but you were a keystone in our lives. The best we can do now is stay strong and faithful to the fact that you’re watching over us.
    I love you and I miss you every day, your daughter,

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