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    Though it was a usual day for me aside from having my 2nd day at work, that day was so ordinary and plain until he came wearing his yellow polo shirt which look really good on him. I was at the counter in front of the computer, keeping myself busy when he passed by to hand his requirements, he took his last glance on us with matching his very cute smile before leaving the store, and that was the day he got my attention. I was so very happy knowing that we shared the same schedule at work, the same rest day and cleaners day. We always shared stories, a lot of stories that makes me eager to go to work everyday. For the past 2 years i open my heart again to someone knowing that he already has a girlfriend, I ignore that fact because with him I found a new world. Until one day I got his number and so he did also, we text on the very first thing in the morning and up to the middle of the night. We were both happy until we had our first night, it was indeed a memorable night, I let him see my nakedness and letting him makes me his temple. I really2 love him, hes the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Until one day I just woke up feeling his coldness, as cold as the winter night that makes my heart broke into pieces, it seems that I’m living a lonely life without him. But I won’t lose my faith that someday we will meet in new beginning, a fair beginning for us. My handsome prince.. I love you sam..

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