• Caught Between Love and Heartbreak

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    I’ve read for hours, conforming into the crowd who never had it in them to send their letters… they are all the same with a different twist. Love.
    That’s all i’ve been seeing thus far. Everyone is either in love — mostly heartbroken, in between, or on their way to it.

    And then there’s me. I tried to figure out where i lie in this cycle. Is it possible that I am in love, and heartbroken at the same time. I have you, and we are together, and i have never loved anyone more. I am young, dumb, and desperately in love… Yet I shed tears nightly, fearing heartbreak. Why is it that it always has to hurt when you are caused pain by someone you love? I’m living in fear that you will break my heart but I’m realizing that you’re already doing it. You promised a million times you would love me forever and never break my heart, and I know you’re not meaning to but I can feel it.

    Each day that we become less close, I notice my heart growing to separate more and more. You love me and I love you more. The harder I try to make you chase after me again, the more you’re running in the opposite direction. I am trying so hard. I’m me, caught somewhere in between being hopelessly and desperately in love and shattered, devastatingly heartbroken.

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