• You said we’d still be friends…

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    It’s been a month since you left me. You promised me that you’d talk to me the day after, that you’d still be my best friend. You never texted me. The day after, I called you and I texted you, and received no response. I asked you to please just tell me, if you never wanted to speak/see me again then to just say so, don’t make false promises in hopes of making things easier on me. And you insisted that you did still love me, that you did want to be friends.
    And it’s been a month since you left me. I haven’t heard a word from you since you insisted that we were still friends, that you still cared about me. It’s been a month of silence, of wondering whether or not you’ve even thought about me. You’ve been my best friend for almost 3 years, why should that change just because we aren’t in love?
    I understand needing space. I do. I get it. But it’s been a month, and you haven’t even taken a minute out of your day just to ask how I’m doing. And don’t get me wrong; I don’t spend every waking moment thinking about you, worrying about what’s going on. But late at night, when I’m lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, I have to wonder: did you ever really care for me? Or was I just some piece of meat for you to use as you pleased? I gave you EVERYTHING, all of me, and I feel so betrayed. I miss you. I miss every bit of you. But I don’t think that you miss me. I don’t think you ever cared. I don’t understand why you won’t talk to me, or at least to admit that you don’t want to be my friend. Why would you promise to be my best friend when you have no intention of even speaking to me?
    I miss you, Tim. I do. I wish I could understand.

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