• Magic days

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    Dear A,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed these two days that we spent together. You were a wonderful host, and you took care of me so well. And you were a complete gentleman. I want to say thank you for making me feel welcome. I hope I helped you enjoy yourself too, and brought some cheer into your stay here. The city was beautiful, we were blessed with great weather, and your company made it magical.

    I had imagined having so many deep conversations with you when we met, but the reality was obviously different – and expected. We were never going to discuss the secrets of life, the universe and everything. But if not epic, it was definitely a pleasant time. No doubt about it. You were still yourself, funny but reserved. I was still myself, cheerful but awkward. That night skyping with S, the 3 of us together, really took me back to our JC days. Oh, those lovely days. When we all had so much potential. Our eyes weren’t jaded, our strings weren’t broken.

    I don’t know whether you appreciated the M8B, whether you understood its value, or how much you’re going to use it, but I hope it will recall fond memories of our time together. I hope you didn’t find my questions/comments weird. I just had to say them – there seemed no point in not saying them. But anyway. I’m glad I did. You are smart, you put it together.

    I’m glad to see you doing so very well in your career. But you seemed a little lonely to me, a little sad, and resigned to it. I know you have convinced yourself that you don’t need anyone, but I promise you – whenever you need a shoulder, I’ll be there. Even if you are remiss in staying in touch with me, I won’t forget you. For I love you. So does S. Remember always that you are loved. We will remain friends forever, this is my word.

    Avec toutes mes amities,

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