• Unbelievable!

    by  • July 14, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    To tell you honestly, sometimes I still can’t believed
    When every time I remember how this kind of love was achieved
    When we both reminisce, we both agree
    That it is really funny but makes us giddy

    I was here and you were there
    Who would have thought we’ll be together?
    We knew each other just by Facebook name
    I thought that time, you were only starting a game

    As most love stories, I drove you away at first
    I didn’t believe the love that you confessed
    You told me you met million stars in the skies
    However, I shine the brightest in your eyes
    I say you may not chose me, should you be wise
    But you proved that your love is different from all other guys’

    You always know all the perfect words to say
    To lift me up and brighten my so imperfect day
    You have this power to make me feel I could fly
    And when the world is friendless to me, in your shoulder, I could cry
    Life is sometimes cruel but forever you are my ally
    Your love is real and deep, that, I can’t deny

    In my life, the happiest times are when we’re together
    Because everything seems great when you are near
    Am not always good in words but prayin’ you do hear
    This heart says, “I love you so much, my dear!”

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