• my dear leo

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    My dear Leo,

    If you ever cross my way again, let me thank you. Let me thank you a zillion times for the million smiles you’ve given me. Let me thank you for letting me be myself around you. Let me thank you for paying attention to me when no one else in the room noticed my presence. Thank you for making me giggle when I was at my worst. Thank you for noticing I felt bad even if I denied it and despite the fact that you quickly moved on after I rejected you. Thank you for complimenting me on my outfits. Thank you for rooting for me when I had no words to hold on to. Thank you for enlightening my days with your bright presence. Just thank you for saying hello on mornings when everyone else ignored me. Thank you for the smiles, the laughters, the joy you radiate. Thank you for the passion you have in doing what you love, which is music. I can feel how ambitious you seem to be — that I’m sure will bring you far in life. Thank you for giving me a reason to wake up every day, to hold on to life. Even though I held on to an illusion, I held on to hope too by wishing each and every that something about me and you would happen. I felt alive by your side, noticeable and appreciable. YOU made sense. A thousand times I wish you would have dag deeper into knowing me. So many times I wish I would’ve shown you my despair. I would have wanted to support you in the darkest times because you supported me although you were not even aware of it. Through the years, you’ve grown to mean so much more to me than I could’ve ever thought. A new era is coming for both of us, though I am not sure I’ll ever find someone like you again I hope it is not over. I cannot wait to meet you again. Perhaps in a near future I will be able to thank you in person and express my gratitude towards you. I know your journey will be full of opportunities, happiness and dreams coming true. I’m sure I will hear your name on the radio, or I will attend one of your concerts as a notorious disc-jokey in Lille, Stockholm or San Francisco.

    I hope we meet again.



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