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    Well there’s a dress and a date and all so I think this is really going to happen.
    And she’ll beautiful.
    Because she’s beautiful.
    And it will be wonderful.
    Because you are both wonderful.
    And I will walk down that aisle and stand with the other bridesmaids and smile.
    Because you will be happy.
    So I’m happy.
    But hey…
    I love you.
    I just needed to say it once.
    I’m in love with you.
    And I know we never even had a chance.
    We would’ve had to turn back the clocks but never the less.
    I love you.
    And I know you love me.
    At least in some capacity.
    But I’ve shut the door, because it simply had to be shut.
    I’ll be there for you.
    And I always will.
    I can wear a poker face with the best of them.
    It’s funny because people always say I can’t tell a lie.
    But there I will be part of the bridal party.
    The best friend.
    I’d rather live this one lie than lose you completely.

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