• I wish I never said that to you

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    Here we are now. We’re goners. We argued that it’s nobody’s fault but deep in ourselves it’s ours.
    Just like a day passed by is our story. Meeting you was like a beautiful morning. Like the light and warmth of the sun touches my skin. You touched my heart. You spilled colors in my life. I was ever happy when we were together. But just like a day, the sun must set. The love I dreamed to last faded just like the colors I thought would.
    I wish I never said that to you.
    I hurt you and you hurt me too, but we both didn’t mean it. And this reality is killing me. I could never turn back time as it runs excusing no one. All I can do is to compromise to make things right. No more “what if’s”, no more “I wish I could”. You’ll never love me the way you loved me before, for now. I let you go, for now. But we promise something that will forever stay in my mind and heart.

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    1. To Author
      August 22, 2015 at 3:14 pm

      Looks like u love her so much, what happened to your story?

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