• You messed up…

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    Hey, I think you care about me. I care about you too. We sure have a funny way of showing it though.. If anything were to ever happen to you god forbid, I’d be mortified. If I died, I wonder if you’d go to my funeral. I’d go to yours…god forbid I ever see that day though..I hope I die before you..

    I’ve never told you how I feel and I don’t know if you feel the exact same way but that’s fine. I love you. More than anything in the world.. I love you. I think you know I love you even though I’ve never said it; you’re a smart girl. It doesn’t matter if you feel the same way because I will never stop loving you. In my eyes you will always be the most amazing person I’ve ever had in my life…not a soul comes close. http://lettersillneversend.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_status=pending&post_type=post

    You are everything in the world to me. When I was going through the lowest and darkest time of my life, the thought of being with you kept me going strong. You’re a beautiful and amazing girl….you have the biggest heart and the purest, most beautiful soul in the world. It’s the little things…and it’s always been the little things..

    I’m not giving up on us; I’m not giving up on the idea of you and I together. If I didn’t think there was still a chance for us then I would have never contacted you. You and him don’t belong together. You and I belong together. You deserve the best…..and I’m the best

    I think it’d be a lot of fun for us to talk about our past together. I still kind of remember how we met almost 10 years ago…middle school..I don’t remember the specifics of how our interaction went but I do remember how I felt when we first made eye-contact; it was an indescribable feeling. I still think our love was love at first sight..If I’m remembering correctly you asked me a question about my nationality and I’m pretty sure I said no. You would need to refresh my memory but I think there was more.. I do remember I made a card shortly after meeting you and I wanted to give it to you but I threw it away because of something someone said to me. I was going to give the card to you directly or put it in your locker but if I’m remembering correctly someone saw the card and made me feel like I shouldn’t have made the card in the first place so I threw it away inadvertently. Ironically, I think I unintentionally repressed my memories from middle school or highschool except for some of the moments you and I shared.

    Honestly…I regret it all. Back then…my confidence was almost nonexistent, I didn’t understand love even though it was right in front of me, I let other people influence my decisions too much, and worst of all..I let myself down and maybe even you.

    Honestly, I’d take a bullet for you. I’d live, I’d die, and I’d kill for you. I’d do anything for you and anything to be with you. I’d dedicate my life to making you happy. I’m crazy as hell about you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever wanted to be with, the only girl I think of everyday and all the time, the only girl I dream of being with, the only girl in my life that ever left a lasting imprint in my mind, and you’re the only girl I love. Seriously, you’re my heart and I love you with a burning passion.

    We’ve talked recently and you said I was coming on too strong and it was too much. You blocked me on facebook for the sole reason that I was interested in your life and excited to talk to you. I think you need to open yourself up to new experiences. I just want to talk to you and you’re not letting me. Please, just get to know me and be my friends. I’m not asking much. I still love you. I fucking love you with all my heart. I will always love you and I regret not telling you when I had a chance to say it to you in person. I will always love you, even if you don’t love me.

    Here to talk whenever you are

    Love always…

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