• Necessary

    by  • July 8, 2015 • Dating • 0 Comments

    You are a gorgeous guy, in a manly kind of way. Your eyes change color like the weather. When i am around you, I feel…safe. which is the weirdest feeling in the world for someone like me. your touch is soft and gentle, even though your hands are calloused and hard. you dance with me, kiss my hands, hold me close. we laid around playing video games for 12 hours, not saying much of a word to each other, and it was fucking awesome. because we were both just there doing our favorite thing together. there was no social requirement of talking or cuddling or anything. it was intimate without being intimate, and i loved it. you brought me breakfast in bed at 5am because why the fuck not. it was so thoughtful and yummy to boot. you play me like a fiddle. i don’t love you and you don’t love me, that has been discussed. but… you are necessary. even if we don’t stay together, don’t get married, anything like that. i think i was drawn to you because at least on my end, you were and are necessary for my life. I need you in some way to help me progress as a person. i want you to experience my life beside me, even if its only temporary. i think you will be one of the only people i don’t regret being with. thank you for being who i need right now. who knows? maybe we will grow to love each other as time passes.

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