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    Who do people think they are to try to come marching into your life after you haven’t seen or talked to them in at least 9 years, and that instance was only for a fleeting moment because you were so busy in the kitchen at your family restaurant? Those people just suck, don’t they?! Well, I am sorry for being that person.

    After seeing your life and the current wife (btw it’s super funny how her sunglasses have my initials on the side..haha) I’m sorry to have done that to you. Sorry to have sprung that email on you, sorry to have let you see how I turned out, that yes, my eyes are still green, my hair is still blonde, and I’m even more sorry that when I stepped back into that kitchen 9 years ago to say hello to you that I didn’t even think to ask if you were still married.

    I am also sorry, be it right or wrong, that for all those years prior when I worked for your family I didn’t ever just throw caution to the wind and just do it, because it was unmistakably there, regardless of the circumstances. The night you tried to stick my hand down your pants was pretty much green light means go. In between all of the being sorry I am laughing so hard at that memory right now!

    I think I am also sorry that right after I had turned 21 and the 4 of us went to the club after work that night I didn’t act on the crazy plan I had cooked up in my mind. I almost, almost, almost did. But I was a good girl.

    Imagine how different things could be. And yes, without a doubt, the reason why things never worked out with that super nice friend you tried to set me up with was because in the back of my mind all that was there was you.

    I think I am most sorry that I am not with you. I will however never forget you.

    Ever listen to Tori Kelly? Every time you hear Should’ve Been Us think of me. And know that I am thinking of you.

    I’ll leave the occasional bit for you on my Twitter as I know you’ll be browsing. And I will leave the situation being…the odd ball.

    Much love

    PS People look at me like I’m crazy when I eat Matzoh ball Soup and Greek Salad together. And after all these years I have yet to find a dressing as good as your mama’s.

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