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    You know what? Call her L. L and I are close friends. I really like her. And I mean REALLY like her. Problem is, my best friend likes her too. Everybody knows he likes her. I just recently fell for her. It sucks really. Falling for the girl your best friend has had feelings for for four years. At first, I wasn’t completely sure. Like maybe it was just a crush and eventually it will fade. I was so wrong.

    There was this girl that had a crush on me a year ago, let’s name her K. I didn’t know if K still had feelings for me. Prom was coming up and I had to pick my date. I asked K and she agreed. Of course I wanted to ask L out. Nobody knew about this but me. But since everybody knew about my friend’s feelings for her and because he was my best friend, I didn’t ask her out (but I really wanted to).

    Prom wasn’t until a few months later. I decided to know more about K. I actually wanted to forget having a crush on L. So K and I occasionally talked but everything was awkward. But I kinda liked K. Just like. I wanted to talk to her so that when prom comes, we can talk casually, like friends would. So I ask her questions and she ask me questions. This was pretty much all we did. It was all good. Then one day, she stopped. No more questions to ask, no replies to my messages, nothing. Being with K, pretty much made me ignore my feelings for L and made my feelings for her stronger. I still remember L from time to time. So when she stopped, I was hurt. She was tweeting stuff like “This is for your own good”. I was pissed. Everything was going well then out of nowhere, a wall popped up.

    Now I can’t stop thinking about her. Like what did I do wrong? I consulted my friend and she just told me to forget about her. Then I asked her if she could keep a secret. She told me that yes. I told her I liked L for a long time now. And I asked her “What about K?” She told me that I could have been just using K to forget about L.

    It was prom night and I was with K. The night was awkward. No conversation. Just dance one song then nothing. So I just rocked out with my friends. Then I saw L. L was so beautiful. I didn’t realize it until she told me that I was staring at her. Made my face turn bright red. This time I was still hooked on K. But I really wanted to be with L. At this point I realized that my friend was right.

    L is awesome. She’s talented, funny, smart, kind, beautiful. I like her, I really do. And she has no idea.

    So L, if you happen to go to this site and read this and you don’t feel the same way, tell me. If anything, I still wanna be your friend.

    -N (or your friend that made it to the first three letters of the alphabet friend)

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