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    Hey guys my name is Mahesh, a local guy from Mumbai. I want to share my a small part of my life that i experienced in past 6 months. All the things were going right. I got a job. I was happy with my job. I used to work in Dominos pizza as a CSR. It was 9 of november 2014 i saw a girl. She was pretty cool. Hahaha. It was love at first site. She walked in, i took her order, she sat down. After some time fire occurred in backyard. I informed the manger. Everyone hustled out. I saw here. I asked my friend, “Should i talk to her?” my friend told me, “Why not go and ask her, ‘ mam may i’?” she told, “yep.” i talk to her. I was very nervous y she will talk to a stranger but then also i went and i talk to her. I introduced myself. I felt very lucky. We talk so much that finally manager came and told me to give my checkout. I ask her when we will met. She told me gently, “soon.” i was happy. That was the best day of my life. After some days i was standing outside and she passed from there. I called her Meenu. She turned and walk away. I felt, did she ignored me? I was freaking out but after some time she came and she told me never shout when i pass from her. I told, “ok, sorry.” so i told him wait for a sec i’ll come in few sec i changed and we sat and talked. I asked her, “will u meet me on 18 nov?” she asked me, “why?” i told her my birthday i there. She told me, “ok, i’ll try to, but only for some time. I told, “cool.” i asked her, “how u will contact me?” she told me to, “give me your number. I’ll call u from the p c o.” i gave her my number. On 17 nov at 11:59 she called me. I never thought that she will call me to wish she told me, “not to call me on this number caz this is my dad’s number.” i told, “ok but u made my birthday special.” i was too happy. On 18 i got up, took the blessing of my mmaa and appa, and went to have some. While Meenu called me that she will meet me in evening near Pizza Hut at 8:00 pm sharp. At evening i went near Pizza Hut by 8:00. She was not there. I thought, “she will not come.” i waited still. I smoked one. Now it was 8:15. She didn’t come. I smoked another. It was 8:20 and finally i saw her in full black. She was looking damn hot. I went there and told her, “mam, u came late. From last 20 min i am standing here.” she told me in a polite and gentle way, “sorry.” i told it’s all right. We went on a bike. She asked me where we are going. I told her i don’t know. We finally got to a place where no one was there. I put my bike on a main stand and told here to have a sit. We talk a lot about our family, past, and future. I was quiet for a second because she told me that when she was in 1 grade her mom left her. She lived with her father and granny. And finally i propose her. She was speechless. She didn’t know what to say. I told her what happened. Answer me. She told me, “give me some time. I’ll let u know.” i told her, “ok, cool. No worries.” she asked me will I quit smoking? I said, “ok. As u wish.” it was too late. I dropped her to her place and i went with my family to a restaurant to have my dinner.

    On the very next morning she called me. I was surprised. I talk to her. She told me that, “i want to meet u.” i told her, “ok, cool. No problem.” she told by 10. It’s ok. I told, “Fine.” she came and we went for a walk. She asked me, “how are you” and all that. I told her, “feeling better now.” i dropped her by auto to her shop. In auto i kissed her first time. I was blushing. I came home, got ready. I was late so i made an excuse. Manager told, “Ok. Don’t be late next time.” after some day she called after 12 days. I asked her on a date but u can’t say it was a date but let it be then. Also i loved to being with her. She told me, “ok.” so we planned to go to a mall. On 9 dec we went. She eat burger and shaker from mc d. After that we went to a bar for a drink. We sat there, we took one beer, had some fun. And after that she has to go home, but for only some time. I told her that, “i’ll meet u in some time,” i went home, got fresh, and we both went to domino’s. She ordered pizza. Mania onion, that was his favorite pizza. But i hate onion that stinks really bad. But i eat with her. I asked her, “would you like to come to my place? I want to meet my mmaa and appa.” she told, “ok.” i was excited. We came to my place. I told her, “come inside.” appa and bro was there, amma went to market. I asked appa, “where in the market?” appa told me, “near welmart store.” i took her to that store amma was standing. I told amma she is Meenu and Meenu she is my amma. Amma was happy. I don’t know that time what was. Meenu thinking off. She asked me, “shall we leave now?” i knew it. She was happy to meet my parents. She suddenly went from there. I was shocked. I got angry. I yelled. On mom, from that day, no calls, nothing.

    On 29 dec i coloured my hair for the first time in my life, only for my baby. I was waiting that when she will call me and i’ll tell her that i have coloured my hair. On 31 dec she didn’t call me after 8 days. I know i went to her place. I sat in front of his building facing to her window, that when she will come on window. After 15 min she came. I took a cell phone and took a picture to tell her that i am here. She saw me and after some time she came down. She kept walking. I thought, ‘she wants to talk to me.’ i followed her. I called her. She didn’t turn around, she kept on walking. It was strange. She stopped to a place and came to me and told me that never ever try to talk to me or never come to my place. I asked her, “is this a breakup?” she told me that she don’t wanna meet me. She left me with no reason. I was totally numb. I cried like hell. I don’t know what to response. I went from there but i loved her from the bottom of my heart. I still go to her place daily at 8 pm. I stand there, see her face, and i feel awesome. What to think? She will come back or not?

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