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    I’d sleep better if it weren’t for these recurring dreams. Well, different variations of the same dream. It always snaps me wide awake! I needed to take action. Or a dream expert. Are there even legit dream experts?? I just want these dreams to end and my subconscious to shut up. So this is where my story of the journey to making that happen begins.

    I never even dated my quest, I worked for his family. When I say family, I’m not referring to the mob lol Ever seen my Big Fat Greek Wedding? They were more like that. And I loved them. There was always a little spark there between the youngest son & I but he was 7 years older than I and at the ages we were 7 years was quite a difference. He was so much fun though. It was just nice to be around him. His name is Aristo & his mom called him Ari for short which sounded like “oddie” in her sweet little Greek accent so I’d nicknamed him odd ball. I wasn’t even 21 yet, just 20. He was 27, married, and had a toddler. He used to always complain to me about being unhappy, but all I ever thought was that was what marriage was. haha.

    Yesterday morning after being woken again by yet another dream I decided to take action. All of which my Twitter account reflects in 144 characters per post of course. It’s hard finding someone from 17 years ago!! After being stuck with a battery that went from 100% to 28% from 4 hours of searching Google, Spokeo, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and an email address finder, I might’ve succeeded on my hunting trip. Although a dream interpreter may have been easier to locate!

    Now I’m left with what if he doesn’t check his Facebook or his LinkedIn? I think using the email would be a little bit too much, and I’m not trying to go all fatal attraction here. I guess the hardest part will be the waiting. It’ll be worth it, just to have some peace again. I don’t even want to start a romance up with the guy I just want to say hello to him, to hear about his family, and to tell him about these dreams. I’m determined this will be the thing to make them all stop and for me to quit feeling all anxious and weird these days. I feel like the present is being invaded from the past on average of 3 to sometimes 4 nights a week. Maybe it’s a sign I need some meds or something. I don’t know. But I guess we’ll see. Come on world. Just work with me. Please!

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