• we were never meant to be

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    Its funny how in life you go after something and that something goes after
    something else.so funny indeed. YOU totally clueless that I’m literally
    dying in the inside, every single day. it’s both heart ripping painful
    and intriguing knowing that you don’t feel a single bit of
    anything, even 1percentage of What i feel for you. i’m enduring
    the pain..TRYING to just go on with it no matter how much it
    sucks or how much of tEars flow out of my eyes. knowing that
    we would never be together. its ultimate stupidity for
    expecting something fRom you. but it just happened. i dont
    know how. but it did. what can i do. im just a plain old
    school Woman who bElieves in all this. i wish i was
    carefree and i could just throw off everything.but it just
    seem to stuck there rOck hard and not going off. it’s been
    days,months,years,.frigging long days or months or years… yet nothing. i feel so
    dumbstruck. It was never my intention to falL for you or
    anyone on the first place. all i wanted is to be by myself n really happy. not
    even a bit i wanted to fall for u. how funny
    life is ..Somewhere along the line i fell for you,You!out of all person.
    weird stufF happens unknowingly. . n i was crazily attracted to
    you. and i still am for sure. more than anything. Wishing i could see
    you every moment. . it kills .didn’t even get a glance to see you.
    every car pass by. i hope to look at it and find u. but
    no. well. its all for good. i guess d universe is giving me
    a clear instruction on what i should do. move on. i like u
    so much n i still do.but its ridiculousness for sure. you
    going after something else n here i m lost so deep.sunk so
    low.so hard for me to reach the top. but i will try. its
    life. it should be unfair. we don’t always get what we yearn
    for.i can’t tell this to no one. People will think I’m a moron and
    ask me to move on. i’m just trying to ease off d pain by doing random stuff.
    which actually kills. i’m too unsteady at the moment to have a
    rational thinking. nothing actually existed. its just me n my
    dumbness.. heart aches. i swear to god. but its ok. some day
    i might have gt over u.. i will.. u will never be as how i
    expected v could be . but its ok. gut wrenching pain. but
    its ok. its not like i have a choice.i let time give me answers n
    it sure did.. im glad that i actually get to see u every now and then
    .. its all enough i guess…ouch..
    picturing it ofTenly in my mind puts a smile in my lips..
    damn the pain..pheeww…it hurts worst than an injury. its
    ok. who knows what u going through. u might have your reasons..
    . so i got no rights to judge u at all. it all
    happen for good.i finally realised…that’s why it is not happening….
    clearly its not because of you not liking me o whatsoever. its simply
    because we were never meant to be and its against the reality. it
    doesn’t add up in so many levels. lIke your maturity to your living style to your
    perception in life. its all in a totally different angle.as much as it hurts.
    i’ve got no choice but to plug out your thoughts off me. i guess you will be
    ,my untold love story . n it will stay forever with me.as painful it sounds.
    i’ve gotta leave with it. i will overcome it. i know.
    .its so hard. but yeah. clear truth..I just hope thAt you will receive all the haPpiness and your better half soon.Cheers

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    2 Responses to we were never meant to be

    1. All the feels
      July 3, 2015 at 5:48 pm

      Going through simular feelings. Gotta keep it to myself. Life goes on I guess, but I know it’s hard as hell!


    2. Feel u
      November 11, 2015 at 4:40 pm

      Yes I get u, feel the same



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