• i am sorry, i hurt you because i was bitch!

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    to figure out that i lost you its a hard thing to think about it baby, you are the greatest man i’ve ever met i lost you and i broke your heart and i left you many many times but you still carry my shit and accept me back , i was wondering if you were really so kind and frok where you got all this kindness and why you accepted me many times, i thought with my dirty mind that you maybe have no one else but after i saw how many girls interested in you i just can’t believe my eyes such as a famous over 100 girls and i lost you, i didn’t realize that i had a the best man ever i didn’t know you never talk to any other because you loved me you were just sacrificing so many things because of me huh and i was blind ? how i didn’t see you clearly? how i didn’t know you really tell me why i was always beside you and my eyes were looking to others why i didn’t see you , baby i am such a fucking whore to lose you that way, i’m really really sorry and if you just give me one more chance i’m ready to kiss lay under your feet the rest of my life i won’t regret it because you are the one for me believe me i don’t know how i lost you and what happened to me when i broke up with you all i know now is i want you back, i’m ready to fight for you i’m ready to eat any bitch come close to you because today i knew how you are different from all others, please would you give me one last chance i really love you and i want you so bad to back to me. i beg you forgive my bad what i done you are my real man only you.

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