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    Dear Green Eyes,

    Never in a a million years would I expect to fall for someone like you. It is a roller coaster of excitement inside my mind and head, but I try my very best not to show it. Not to make it too obvious. Well, I know that it won’t be that obvious anyway, since I have this gift of appearing as ‘non-responsive’ and ‘anti-social’ at times. But believe you and me, I am doing this consciously to protect you. I know how smart and great you are with your career, and I have decided to just keep my distance. It’s because I never ever want you to compromise your success over one silly gossip that can run like wild fire at work. I am consciously keeping my distance and happily watching you do fantastic works whilst I watch from afar. It’s because I care for you. I want you to be the best and to continue to achieve greater things. You have this beauty and strength that I find really very attractive, but I am keeping this feelings to myself. For now, I will just keep it in my head and heart. Not the right timing, I guess. I am just around, but not for long. But when I come back, I will make sure that the difference in age will never matter at all. A decade doesn’t make any difference, if the heart, mind and soul speaks the same language. For some reasons, I get you and I feel you. Very strange, I know. I hope you have already figured my preference. If I know you from outside work, I could have just told you straight away that I find you really very attractive. But I can’t. It’s because I care for you. I have a favour to ask. Please continue to soar high. Because seeing you excel, makes your green eyes twinkle more. I think I am falling for you. I better leave soon, so I can tell this to you in person just before I go and leave town. Always take care, my green eyes beauty.


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    1. Angel
      July 6, 2015 at 2:04 pm

      A Very Beautiful Letter. If only…



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