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    I feel like it has to be said: bashing someone else’s version of faith is only ever goin to be harmful. You will never convince them and you will only alienate them. If you are a Christian, you are also going against christ’s message of love and inclusion. I mean, does shouting and hating and arguing about some lines in an ancient book really make you think, “Jesus would be really proud of me right now”??? No way. Jesus is up there shaking his head saying “all I asked was that you love one another”. Believe what you want, but hating others for their beliefs? Nope you’re officially playing God. Remember? Only He can judge. That’s His job, not yours. So, everyone, stop the noise. There’s been entirely too much fighting and not nearly enough forgiveness and love.

    I am by no means some free love hippie. I’m also very imperfect, and likely sinful in the eyes of many religious people out there. And my own beliefs are as strong as the next guy. But I speak from experience when I say that shoving religion (or politics or both) down someone’s throat will only make that person not want to talk to you anymore.

    So, in conclusion: when it comes to your beliefs, keep it between you and your God. Maybe your immediate family. But don’t try to play judge. And don’t try to change other people. Just love each other. That’s it. Seriously.

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