• Politics Before Family

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    So you have finally decided to return to your home state from the other side of the country. How quaint. There are plenty of people you haven’t seen for a while- your cousin, now three, whom you haven’t seen for two and a half years. Another cousin, soon to be two, whom you have never met. But that really doesn’t matter, does it?

    Of course not, because their mother dared express dissent regarding your social/political beliefs, an unforgivable sin to you. Everyone around you must be silent regarding disagreement with you, or else they are not permitted to be in the same room as Your Enlightened Self. They must “get over” their own beliefs to make way for yours.

    Yet, on an on you go about how family is so important, blood is thicker than water, one should never forget their roots, and so on. You put on this front that you care so much about your family, constantly sharing pictures full of smiles.

    You know what I think though? I think it’s all contrived, phony bulls***. You don’t really care all that much about us since you got married; no, it’s all about him, his family, and how they’re so much better than us. They don’t smoke, they have more money, they have nicer homes, they’re all around classy, and we’re not (let’s just forget how you all got drunk last summer and got into a physical confrontation while you were holding your toddler, and expected us to come bail you out…).

    I know you think we’re unaware of this but it’s really pretty clear. Whenever you’re here, you stay for a week, maybe a bit more, and spend at most two afternoons with us. The rest is with your in-laws. You, being the photo-holic you are, post 300-400 or even more pictures of each of his siblings and parents while you’re here; of the entire rest of your own blood family you post less than 200. Plus, remember last summer when you visited and wanted “us” to spend time with you and your in-laws at the Lake? Oh, wait, you didn’t want to spend it with us, only Mom, because the rest of us you’re too ashamed of or whatever to bring around your in-laws and you don’t really want to be around us.

    Perhaps this all just sounds petty, but oh well. I really won’t be losing sleep over it; you’re not the first one in the “family” to try this crap, and you won’t be the last. You know, I can’t even say that I care about the family more either. You know what the difference is though? I DON’T ACT LIKE I COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT THEM WHILE CONSTANTLY PUTTING OTHER PEOPLE OR IDEAS BEFORE THEM. I don’t put on some big show for the world to see, professing my undying love and bond with people I never want to be around.

    Leave me out of this phony crap if that’s how you want to be. Seriously, it’s not that it hurts my feelings that you don’t want to spend time with us. What gets me is the fact that you talk a big game, and never live up to it. If you actually do care, stop acting like you’re better than us when THIS IS WHERE YOU CAME FROM, and stop pushing us aside. Stop caring more about politics than us.

    You know, I have a LOT of disagreements with them about politics and religion also, but you don’t see me telling them to stay away unless they bow down before my beliefs. You don’t see me squandering the only time I can see a “loved one” in a year over my beliefs. Maybe while you’re at it you can stop preaching “love” and “tolerance” while acting like a spoiled b****.

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