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    you are so beautiful, so, so, so, pretty. you are in your own way, and I wouldn’t change a thing about you. you’re so sweet, I’m so glad I made you feel that way little flower. ???????? sometimes, we do things that aren’t so good and we just, we punish ourselves for things in the past everyday..and just, you do deserve lots of good things okay? you deserve sweet messages, you deserve to be watered and cared for, it’s okay not to be okay, I wanna hug you so tight, I want to hug you soooo tight all the things that you feel bad just are crushed by the hug ???? sometimes hugs won’t fix bad days and that’s okay too! sometimes it rains and thunders outside and even when we are safe and warm inside we still feel scared.. ???? think of a tree, it starts so small, so itty bitty, but in time it grows, it grows so much and will always grow. you are a tiny fragile tree right now…I believe in you. ???????? and I’m so so so shy, my palms are just sweaty with even the thought of saying ‘hello’ to you but at the same time it’s kinda like my heart is full of excitement because it’d be such a pleasure to make you laugh and smile more. ???? smiles are very contagious and full of joy, and you have such a lovely one and should smile more often.

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