• Sorry, This is Gonna be Harsh

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    I’m saying this only because you are my best friend. I want to tell you this because no one else has the guts to do so, but if I wait any longer, this is going to come out a lot worse than I intend for it to.

    First, I would like to say that no one knows your friends from your hometown. No one really cares about your friends from your hometown. You never talk about anyone but people from your hometown or your family. Yes, it’s fine if it’s in little doses but it’s every conversation no matter how many people are in the conversation no matter what the topic is, but it never EVER has to do with our friends from home that nobody knows. The sooner you realize that and shut up about them, the less likely you are to lose the friend base that you barely have now because I’m the only one nice enough to give you the time of day anymore.

    Second, please do not consistently text me over the summer about your friends from home and your drama from home every single night and morning when I wake up. This is supposed to be relaxation and I would not bring my phone with me anywhere if I weren’t on call for work or waiting for my boyfriend to get wifi in Poland so we can actually talk. I do not bring my phone with me when I go on the beach because I want as little annoyance as possible but I apparently can’t get that this summer with you being my friend. You need to give everyone space and let the talking go both ways rather than you just texting about your friends from home that I don’t know and then ending the conversation there.

    Third, please please please learn how to be alone. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. Please just take in the time that you have by yourself because that hardly ever happens anymore. Everyone needs their “me” time, especially me, and you always having be in a room with someone because you “can’t be alone” is really bothersome. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if you would refer to my first point.

    Fourth, he doesn’t like you. Stop texting me complaining about how he’s playing you. Stop telling me all about how people think you are dating. Stop telling me about how you will end up together some day. Just stop talking about him. I have not gone one day in a whole year without hearing his name and 1) I don’t know him because he’s from home and 2) he still doesn’t like you. Yes, everyone has crushes and first loves and everything, but he doesn’t like you. Everyone can see it, you can see it. You’re in denial, I get that, but he’s a year younger than you, he’s moving to somewhere that is a 16 hour drive away, and guess what- he still doesn’t like you. No matter how many instagrams you post of the two of you, no matter how many snaps you post of the two of you, no matter how much you tweet at him/about him- you aren’t dating and he still doesn’t like you. The faster you wrap your head around that, the sooner we can all be less annoyed and the faster your heart will heal. We are all tired of you crying over a boy who is irrelevant to all of us and who once again, doesn’t like you. He doesn’t “play” you. He is your friend and that’s it. He has told you from he very first time you mentioned it that he doesn’t like you.. and you still don’t get it. I know it’s hard to get over someone you care so deeply about, but for the sake of you and the sake of all the rest of us, please just get the fuck over it. I would just like to reiterate the fact that no, you are not dating and no, he does not like you.

    I am not writing this to hurt you. I’m writing this with the hopes that you will wake up. You are one of my best friends, you are a great friend sometimes too, but it just cannot continue on this way. You cause too much stress in my life, too much unnecessary stress. You have too much drama in your life that shouldn’t effect me because it has nothing to do with me or anyone that I actually know, but it still does. You can hate me all you want for telling you this, but I needed to do it before I said this way worse than I would have if provoked on the spot. I’m saying this so someone else doesn’t hurt you by saying it exactly how I would if provoked. I hope you understand and I hope you realize I’m really just watching out for you. I’m also watching out for my sanity, but you are higher up on the scale here because if you haven’t realized, I’m the only one in our friend group who has been talking to you at all because everyone is so tired of hearing about these people that no one knows and about the boy that no one cares about because he still doesn’t like you. I’m hoping you understand, but if you don’t then I’m sorry you can’t see it.

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