• Dear Love

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    Hey…Look i know we both just sort of had an awkward misshapen. so i want to get things straight with you. you don’t have to listen to me or say anything back, but i just want to be able to send this to you so you could understand.
    Anyways…we never honestly dated. yeah we hung out, held hands, and hugged and even kissed a few times. To us we both viewed it as just a chill session but i always viewed it as a date, okay? I always got excited when i knew we were going to go out, i thought you know “maybe this time, he’ll notice me” or “maybe i’ll make a move.” but it never stuck to me. i knew it couldn’t happen. i remember us sitting in the back of your car, i wanted to speak up and say something about my feelings but i couldn’t. okay? i tried saying something but it didn’t come out the way i wanted it to. so here. this is my moment. this is where i want to say it all.
    I am in unconditional deep snow right now. because I am in love with you. i have always loved you from the first time we texted each other, spoke, or hung out. i feel as though i fall in love with you again every single day in a different way. but i never get sick of it. I love everything about you, your eyes, your personality, your humor, your music taste, just YOU. I have tried to convince myself that i didn’t love you. i did it for so long because i didn’t want to ruin what ever it was we had. because what i am telling you, is that i love you. i want to spend time with you, and i want to be there with you. no matter what happens…I will always love you. i loved you then and i love you still.
    John…I love you. always and forever. and i promise you i don’t think i’ll ever stop.
    I don’t want anything that i just said to…bug you, disturb you or change your mind about me.
    I just wanted it out there, because i would regret not saying anything.
    All i hope for is that you are happy and that we can continue some sort of communication sometime.
    I’m sorry. but i wont hold back anymore. Im sorry. I’m sorry that i fell in love with you.

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