• Happy Birthday

    by  • June 29, 2015 • The Bitch • 0 Comments

    Happy birthday you worthless lying whore. Although you deserve the worst I can’t bring myself to want it for you. Enjoy another birthday with yet another douche who treats you like you deserve while those of us who really did love you and wanted to make you happy are alone and can no longer trust anyone even if we did find the right person. Have fun with the only asshole you’ve actually been loyal to questioning every Happy Bday text, call and FB post/message you get and pretending to be sweet and loving until it eats at him a couple of days and he pulls the same crap he always does. It’s only fitting that you have someone who suspicious and accusing you of cheating all the time when you aren’t, after all the people who you cheated on then told everyone they were “checking” up on you and accusing you of cheating rather than admit that you were cheating on them. I guess if you tell the same lie enough it will come true. And that’s the crap you call love. No wonder you are almost 40 and still can’t find a “good man”. What really blows my mind is that you make excuses for him doing it. Every time he says he will stop you go along with it even though a couple of weeks and sometimes a couple of days later it happens all over again. You lie to cover it and make excuses when someone does it, but when people aren’t doing it and are trusting, loving and believe in you you lie to everyone and say they are doing those things. Your “friends” and family after years are still living with the lie that I didn’t trust you and was holding your past against you. All the times you’ve supposedly changed you’ve never bothered to tell them the truth. Now that someone is actually doing it you lie and tell them he’s not, even though he puts it out there for the world to see. Do you really think everyone is as dumb as you? Happy F**cking birthday. Enjoy whatever is good and happy about it, because you know the misery is coming again right after.

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