• Regrets.

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    I wish I would’ve said something, I wish I could’ve said something. These secrets burned a hole in me, and my actions took away many people I had cared for deeply. I’m not angry with anyone who turned their back on me, I should’ve been honest, but in truth… All of the hurt was lingering in my subconscious, at the time I really had no grasp on what was making me act out. You may have moved on with your life, and I know I need to too, but I can’t, you don’t know how guilty I feel, for all the things I’ve done. I wish more than anything in the world that I could start over, forget all of this, and get another chance. If I just could of stopped it, or even understood, maybe things would be different.

    I know you’ll never know what went on back then, even with a line of communication open, I don’t have the guts to complain about something that was my fault. I’m scared of making myself look worse, so it’s for the best that I keep my suffering to myself.

    I wish you the best,

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    2 Responses to Regrets.

    1. Anon
      June 28, 2015 at 9:24 pm

      Sorry to hear all the pain you are going through. There must have been a reason for doing the things you did, deep down inside you probably already know. It may take some time to realize though. Why don’t you talk to your friend he/she may not have have not moved on like you think. Suffering in silence is not healthy for anyone involved. Talk to someone you trust. There has got to be 1 person you can speak with that you trust.

      On another note give your people some time, it’s called processing they could come back around…just have a little patience and be kind to yourself. Don’t live with regrets as nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes in life. Take it one day at a time, you just may be surprised how the situation could work out after all.

      Please don’t suffer in silence alone…

      Will be praying for you…

      Many blessings to you.


    2. Jk
      November 1, 2015 at 8:19 pm

      Can understand. Secrecy drives one to take crazy actions .



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