• My blind sister

    by  • June 28, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 0 Comments

    I was 14. I remember the day all too well. The day my sister came home from the hospital, we all knew there was something wrong. She wouldn’t gaze off like a normal baby. Little did we know this was only the start. The months ahead our whole world got flipped around. My sister was BLIND. That’s hard to say. My perfect baby sister was blind. How could this be? I questioned everything, even a God. Why couldn’t this have happened to me? She’ll never enjoy the simple, tiny things. A blue sky she will never see. The warm sun touching her tiny face. The playful, green grass. She’ll never even see her husband,in a tux, patiently waiting for her to say “I do.” I was suppose to protect her from harm. Teach her about life. Show her some of the best times of her life. Blindness took this away from me. I’ll never get to be the perfect sister as I had planned.. This monster has ruined my life but it’s also helped me. It’s pushed me and showed me how I really can bend and not break. I’m strong because of this. My sister is making the best of it even with this disorder. She’s strong and for that I am grateful. God has blessed me an her both. Thanks to you blindness, I’m stronger than ever.

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