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    You are my mother, you are like no other…

    I wish you were.

    I lost you, even though you are next to me.

    You are a stranger, a bitter tree.

    You are a cold rock with no empathy.

    You are looking right at me, and killing me.

    You spit your venom right in my face.

    You call me names that are disgrace!

    And to you… it’s like a wonder place.

    To me, all this is just misery,

    To hear your words- insanity.

    I’m fed up with you, please set me free.

    Can put up no more with your worst degree.

    My mom my fairy my love for you,

    Was undeniable, purest and true.

    Now when I look at your face,

    I want to hide in a safe, comfy place.

    I’m the one to heal my soul,

    And run away from your control.

    From sickness you spread, that runs through my veins.

    We share the blood but not the chains.

    I’m letting you go, and cutting you off,

    So you no longer piss me off.

    So I can sooth my broken heart

    When all you did, you made it dark.

    The one I cherished and looked up to,

    Is no more than poison, and I’m through!

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