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    You are my mother, you are like no other… I wish you were. I lost you, even though you are next to me. You are a stranger, a bitter tree. You are a cold rock with no empathy. You are looking right at me, and killing me. You spit your venom right in my face.

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    So thrilled by everyday’s moments, events, episodes or how ever I could call those unforgettable house affairs. Today, yesterday the day before or even a week before. I can’t keep a track of “our family happenings” ,since I’m not good at managing journal, diary and following the whole concept of having one !Slowly suffocating in

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    Complain to my Furry Friend

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    My Beloved Furry Friend, I miss you with all my heart, feeling empty with that atrocious thought of not seeing you ever again ! My love for you is greater then that expanding picture of the tops of the snowy, mountains that I see everyday climbing up the stairs at my literally “L” shaped terrace!

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    things id never say

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    Nah, fuck you tho. I’m done with your shit. You don’t respect me. Yes, I do love you. I’ve tried to be patient, kind, and collected. But you are seriously a deranged individual. I can put up with A LOT. I refuse to put up with this any longer. You don’t deserve what I have

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