• To my “loving” wife…

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    To my “loving wife. I love you. I really do. But I don’t feel the same from, you.
    I’m here every day caring for my father who dies slowly a little more every day. You’re there, shopping, calling me stupid, saying my family is using me. How is my family using me? My family needs me, but you have made it clear in the past that you, don’t. Like when you lie, steal, or call me names. Say “Do it or I will find some one who will”. I’m here every day caring for my father unemployed, and all i say i need from you is you love and support, will you be there for me while i’m going through this? and you cant say yes. i’m losing my car while you get money and go buy a new one. you say this is your mess i’m done with it. I need that car so that when my father dies soon (he will brain cancer stg 4) i can have no time to grieve and go find a job. All i ever wanted from you is to be by my side and walk with me through hard times, but when they come you let go and run away. so to my “loving” wife, i’m not letting you hurt me anymore. i’m not stupid i’m smart, i’m not an idiot, i’m a genius, i’m not an asshole, i’m a kind and generous person. I see after writing this that you were calling yourself all those words and i was just in the room.

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