• I’d be lying

    by  • June 25, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 3 Comments

    If I ever said for one second that I didn’t have some type of feelings for you.

    Of course I do, I was being selfish last night by holding your hand, kissing you, coming over and laying in your bed with you.

    I couldn’t help it. Your personality is so great to me, this is the worst part…. We’re just on two different levels…

    We’re in two different social groups with completely different social standing. People might just see you as a joke…. It’s selfish and superficial of me to event think this way. I just can’t waste my time on someone that I know I will never take that chance with….

    You’re not the person for me, it would selfish for me to keep you around and just have your feelings grow stronger for me because I know i’m going to hurt you and I could never do that to you.

    So i’m going to make the most selfless act I could do… I need to let you go and be happy.

    You’ve been to good and understanding of me. You deserve better than me, you deserve someone to appreciate who and what you are.

    You’re amazing, don’t ever let me tell you anything different.

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    3 Responses to I’d be lying

    1. Nicole
      June 25, 2015 at 11:50 am



    2. TLH
      June 25, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Wow! You don’t mense words, do you! Let me see if I fully understand what you are saying here….because this person who cares for you isn’t to your “social” standards, there is no chance? Wow. You must have huge testicles! (Yes even if you are female.). Am I assuming too much in thinking she/he is below you? If so…..good riddence to you! You need some professional help if you are that into yourself and your social worth. Maybe look into narcissism. I wonder how your mental illness, being obvious, would affect your standing? Makes me laugh when people believe themselves to be better because they are wealthy or high and mighty because they always rbentusl fail and them they ha e to be miserable the rest of their lives feeling less than. They never learned and don’t remember from wince they came. I don’t know you and I’ve made a lot if assumptions here, but your letter has enraged me to my core.

      I wish this was from my person…..it would make it so easy to tell him to kiss my grits! ( That’s what us lower class folks say when they have met a fool).


    3. Really?
      June 26, 2015 at 5:59 am

      Wow, people still do his? Completely different social standings? Unbelievable! People may see another as a joke? Or is it you that see’s that? IMO it is you that see this. First of all, we are all human being! It does not matter our background, how much we have, or how little, we are spiritual beings, living in a human body for a short period of time.

      You are not the person for the other! This other person is too good for your shallow thinking. Everyone has their own journey, and you will see one day, one year that your status, or shallowness, will leave you empty in the end. You will not understand what you are doing until you have gone through your journey of ups and downs. When the downs hit you, you will think and feel the other person, and wonder? This will haunt and eat you up. Much more than your status now.

      To close you last sentence, you’re amazing, don’t let anyone tell you different? Is nothing but you’re way of taking the blame off of you, and projecting out there, because of your social status.

      So sad, so sad indeed….I will be praying for this other person!



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