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    It’s hard to be able to find the words I need to describe you. In a way, there isn’t anything to explain the beauty of you and your being. Sometimes I like to relate and compare you to places or memories. I found this is a difficult thing to do when not all of you can be put to a specific thing, it is truly impossible.

    I drove across the bridge in a unknown town. The water below was crystal clear, calm. The pillars holding up the hundreds of cars strong and sturdy. But the sadness and horror on the faces of the people standing irregularly close to the edge is what catches my eye. You reminded me off this when you had a wonderful day, almost perfect, and then you came home and told me you were so so sad.

    Warm sand beneath my back, enveloping me almost, reminded me off how soft your embrace is. The sun was beating down, and birds flew across its bright rays, because honestly they didn’t care. It made me think of you because you’re so bright, kind and true. I realize that two birds were behind the flock quite aways, I called to them, “Oh honey, keep him while you have him,” remembering that time you had told me we weren’t like anyone else, we flew our own path.

    You remind me of that one time I was alone in my room singing and dancing. Ungracefully I swept across the floor going crazy and not caring who watched. My headphones blasted through and into my ears giving me a headache, a headache that was ignored. I remember how content I was in that moment. How alright I was with being myself, like I am myself with you.

    One day it had poured rain and I sat out on my porch and inhaled the scents. You remind me of the soft, almost missable scent, of the grass. The sound of the birds chirping. And as I looked at the faint rays of the rainbow peaking behind the receding clouds I was reminded of how much you make me feel better after sadness storms through.

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