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    Miss you. It’s been too long.

    Part of me just does not want to let go.

    Got a job now. Meeting new girls.

    There’s this girl at my church,
    I think I like her,
    but she is not you.

    Lost the motivation to push things further,
    every girl I meet that I find attractive,
    becomes a fleeting crush that burns out,
    long before it could be anything.

    My heart is still broken over you,
    my spirit is weak, cold and alone.

    I miss you so much 🙁

    I catch the bus home from work some days,
    near where we met up nearly a year ago.
    Can’t believe how time flies.

    It always stings when I walk through a place,
    that is tied to your memory.
    Especially in the city.
    I just feel so numb.

    Clutching at straws,
    I was such a fool.
    The lessons that I learned from you in my life,
    oh how I wish I had learned them,
    before you came into my life.

    You took a huge chunk of my heart with you, L.
    A big part of my very identity.

    I’m starting to slip back into depression I feel,
    got a job, meeting new girls,
    things that I thought would help to heal me,
    but it’s all a blur,
    it means nothing.

    There is a massive hole in my life,
    that only you could fill.

    My love runs so deep for you,
    but my heart has frozen,
    my veins have frozen,
    bitterness has poisoned me,
    I fucking miss you so much.

    I will continue on my journey,
    living my life in numbness,
    silently hoping,
    and praying,
    that you remember me.

    – Darren

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