• I’m still into you

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    Its incredibly awkward to write a letter knowing I’ll never send it to you directly. But there’s hope. I have hope that you’ll randomly find it since I am at least sending it out there into the world. It’s incredibly corny to think that you’ll find it and that maybe it means it’s meant to be (I can almost throw up at the corny though).

    Everyday I think of you. It’s crazy to think of someone I haven’t seen for more than six months. When I close my eyes I remember that night we were laying on my bed and laughed for hours. We talked and laughed about the silliest things. I remember how your hair smelled and how that has to be the moment I truly fell in love with you. Then I open my eyes and it’s gone. We lost it. I can’t wrap my head around how it was lost. I only know that I sing your favorite songs and I crave your favorite foods. Everyday I think of scenarios where I catch you buying groceries or pumping gas then we glance at each other and my world can make sense again. I think of scenarios where I make a joke about finally bumping in to you and seeing you laugh. I know it’s all make believe and I know I’m silly. I guess it’s all I can do if I’m in love. I’m in love and I can guess you’re not anymore. Babygirl just know I love you and you don’t have to love me, just know I love you baby and promise me if I make a joke while I bump into you that you’ll laugh and that’s all I ask of you. Give me light with your beautiful smile, give me air, give me life. Please.

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