• I Want Him

    by  • June 24, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    He must be something.

    If he has your heart
    Cause god knows you’re a goddamn masterpiece

    So he must really be something.
    So I want him too.

    I want to kiss his lips,
    If they’ve kissed yours hundreds of times
    I want to hold his hands
    If they’ve spent years touching yours
    I want him to hold me in his arms
    If those arms have held you all this time
    I want to spend forever talking to him
    If his voice and personality is enough to pull you in
    I want his smile
    If it lights up your eyes
    I want to feel his skin
    If you’ve run your hands over it countless times
    I want his laugh
    If it shakes your soul

    I hope he knows what he has
    Cause you’re a never-before-seen Van Gogh masterpiece
    But not for something as temporary as your looks
    You’re soul, personality, your spirit

    You don’t need drugs
    If you have her
    You don’t need religion
    Make her you’re religion
    Since I can’t make her mine

    I hope when you wake up next to her every day
    You realize what you got
    I hope when you kiss her
    You realize her beauty
    I hope when you rub her shoulders like she likes
    You feel the power in her skin, and you shake from her endless beauty

    I hope she loves you
    And I hope you love her even more

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