• Done With You

    by  • June 24, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Regret • 1 Comment

    How long does this have to continue? It’s a never ending cycle with you. We honestly were best friends for so long, I took care of you and helped you through everything when no one was there. Your parents got a divorce and I sat and held your hand. You got diagnosed with depression and I drove over to your house to let you cry on me. You were failing math and I spent my whole afternoon at your house, which was hours of my own time, and taught you what I knew. Your girlfriend broke your heart and I sent you all the love I could, got to school and focused everything on you. You lost your locker because you kept dissing the teachers, and who let you put your stuff in their locker? Oh right, that was me.
    You constantly throw more and more things at me that I didn’t even see coming. Blaming your depression and sadness on me. Telling me I never cared. Trying to convince other people that I am to blame for when we fight. You went as far as texting my boyfriend to try to get him on your side because you were to chicken shit to text me yourself. Well I’ll tell you this; that’s low. You stalk your ex-girlfriend, she wants nothing to do with you anymore. Summer is just around the corner and she cannot wait to get away. She was crying the other day, you wouldn’t leave her alone. Me being the concerned friend talked to one of my teachers about it. You bitched me out for that as well. News flash; your ex is my friend and I won’t stand by and watch someone get treated like that. And no I’m not a “fake fucking bitch” but thanks for your concern.
    I went through thick and thin with you. My own girlfriends hate you, and trash talk you constantly, but I stand up for you. I always have stood up for you. Sometimes you blame my boyfriend, saying that when I met him, everything changed. But that was a year ago…And people change in a year. He made me a better person, happier, better yet he taught me how to not take all the shit you give me. Maybe that’s why I’m finally putting my foot down on this one, he made me realize how much more I deserve.
    I deserve better than you.

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    1. T
      June 25, 2015 at 8:39 am

      Even if your friend is acting unfairly towards you abandoning them isn’t the right thing to do. His mental issues probably make it hard for him to express himself in ways that aren’t harmful to your relationship. That doesn’t at all excuse his behavior but don’t convince yourself you’re the good guy buy behaving selfishly and walking away. You said you’ve grown the last year but into what? From somebody who cared into somebody who doesn’t? Is that really the type of growth you want?



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