• Struggling Love

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    To my most dearest person,
    We’ve been together for over 7 months. Yes, we’re kids/teens. We’re just 16 years old, but love is stipl love. For five months before all this I did what I can to push you away yet you won me over… Now we face a sin hopiruggle we never expected.. We go to different schools, we’re not so close distance wise but we tried our best to see each other a certain amount of times each month.. By our 6th month, I was on my period, I was getting jealous and hurt here and there.. a girl in your school also had trouble with her boyfriend and she notices you.. You two began to like each other.. I grew nauseous, weary, flooding with tears and worry. It’s been over a month and you and I are doing our best to stay together. The struggle is that I cannot show it to those people around you that you are mine and I yours.. How many people must fall for you.. I hurt and worry over the fact that I could lose you at any moment.
    What could I do..? When I play bad cop you got mad.. Everyday I fight so hard just to be nice, to think right and to help him and all else. Just a few more weeks then 8 months.. but the pain is almost unbearable yet I am still here suffering I stand by you throughout so much simply because I love you and I love Hard. I get panic attacks or confused yet I hope for the best for all.
    I can hardly play bad cop.. may us all be happy with the outcome.

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