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    To the person who showed me love,
    it’s nearly 3 weeks since we have broken up, well since i gave up on us because i just couldn’t do it anymore. i couldn’t do the long distance thing, i couldn’t handle the pain, and i couldn’t handle the fact that you’ve changed or maybe i’ve changed. we’ve been together for 3 years but we only got to be together last year and after that visit, everything just fell. maybe because we miss each other more, maybe because we got so busy with college. but i have to be honest, it just wasn’t fun anymore, i wasn’t happy and i just kept holding on until i told myself that was the last time and i’m quite glad i had the courage to do that. i’ve put your things in a box ad soon i will be donating them because i don’t want to throw them away so ill make use of them. thank you for the memories, i don’t regret being with you because you were my first for everything. but i know that this is for the best, for me and for you. it may be hard at first but you need to grow up. make friends, be with your family and maybe meet a girl that can be with you, physically and emotionally. i want the same now, i want to travel, explore and be adventurous. i want to spend my time to myself, my friends and family and to also find a guy who can give me the little things i need physically. although, i do wonder if we’ll ever see each other in future and if we do i wonder what it will be like.
    i wish you luck and pray for your safety and happiness and i hope you work hard at college and graduate.
    i love you, for the last time. and goodbye bhe.

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