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    Dear S.G.,
    How dare you. How ruddy dare you. You have stolen a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from me. Every year, the Student Government Chief Justice, the Student Government President, the Student Government Senate President, and three others get to go on this international trip. That’s the way it’s been ever since they started doing this program. And when you told me, back in April that we’d be going to Prague and Budapest, I was thrilled. I read up on the cities, I looked up things to do, I was ready to go!

    But you ruined that. You decided that the Chief Justice shouldn’t go. After you told me. I planned my summer around this trip. There were opportunities that I passed up in favor of going on this trip. How dare you! I get that you think you had good reasons for deciding to take someone else instead, but you know what? Your choice was wrong. You don’t tell someone “we’re going on this really cool trip. Are you ready?”, only to turn around six weeks later and tell them they’re not important enough to go. That is NOT okay.

    You know what I would have done were I in your position? I would have taken the Chief Justice, purely on principle. Purely because ripping peoples’ hearts out, even metaphorically, isn’t cool. Look, I see that you’ve tried to make it up to me; I really do. But let’s be real. A leadership conference cannot possibly measure up to getting paid to go to Europe for a week.

    This whole thing has caused me to start seeing a psychiatrist again, since it has caused parts of me to surface that I thought I had put away for good. I have to go back on medication now that I haven’t been on since high school. And I’m trying not to hold you personally responsible for it, I really am. But in a way, you are. So I hope you’re satisfied with what you’ve done to me.


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