• A Parting Gift

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    Dear Andy,

    I’ve known you for 15 years now. That’s half of my life. I’ve known you and liked you for half of my life. And you will never know. I don’t know why but after so many years we’ve reconnected through all that texting. I know I was the one who got back in touch, but I really meant it as a casual “how do you do?” type thing. I thought I was all grown up. But then you responded, and how. I felt a connection grow, and it made me think once again of what might have been if only I’d had the courage to tell you how I felt. Anyway, I’m not sure why this happened – why you felt the need to reach out to me so frequently. Maybe you were lonely, knowing that Priyankka has finally moved on for good. Maybe you were just bored and wanted to have a good chat with someone. Maybe you find me funny and interesting. Maybe – just maybe – you actually care about me. And maybe I’m overthinking it all, again. Like a fool. I’ve done this before. With someone else, but still. It is SO easy to get the wrong idea especially through the written word. I know this. And yet I’m thinking about you all the time.

    When did we last meet? Before I moved here, that’s for sure. At least 6 years ago, maybe more. And we’re about to meet again soon(one hopes). You have no idea how nervous I am. We’ve never hung out alone, in the absence of another friend. I wonder how it’s going to be. Will there be awkward silences? Will there be comfortable ones? What all will we talk about? What parts of the city shall we roam in? Will you tease me for putting on some weight? Will you not care? Will we become best friends over 2-3 days of in-person bonding? Will we share a tender moment?

    I have a plan in mind. I have a gift for you. Something that you’ll never guess. It doesn’t cost much. But it means a lot. It’s something very personal, something only we will understand. Something that’s meant to not only remind you of me, but also to be your guiding light. To help you realize that dream you shared with me. To remind you never to let go of the magic. Oh Andy, I wonder how you will react. Will you just smile and say a simple thank you? Will you go, “Awwww how sweet, Geetu”, but never look at it again? Will it bring tears to your eyes? Will you see how much I care? Will you keep it on your desk back home and think about me till you go crazy? Will we live out this life as best friends, acquaintances or soulmates? Will you meet me, be mine, in our next life?


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