• My reasoning for your lesson

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    Dear liar
    It was never about the fact because I honestly understand your fears. It was the fact that you spent years attempting to manipulate people into your story as scapegoats. It was not just one person you tried to hurt. No you honestly would have hurt every single person involved up to this point. Then tried standing them outside the wall you hid behind. As surefire attempt to cover your ass. You purposely picked people i know and abused them and then you bully the victim into having to lie due to shame. All because you lied to them initially. Because you saw my friend as weak you just knew you would eventually control me. Bet that sucked learning that you will not win with me. You cant abuse a person that already has been abused in that same manner. I am way to strong for your shit. What did you win? Show me what you won. From my viewpoint all you won was “i have no life” trophy of the year. Did you not know that i knew? Seriously. I specifically picked topics for my letters as a ploy. Like for example the letter about the concert was to my sister. Why? Because i wanted to go and after all she has done in my life i knew she would feel bad after reading my letter. And i will be damned you called the next day. Honestly i dont know why you even took me because your still a bitch today. O yeah i do know why. So you can look like the savior and such a good sister to the public. Always you to create a fake problem and instantly know how to make it all better. Every little thing you know will be a slap in my face you attempt. How about you stop crying the loudest and actually allow me to have parents again? If not for your kid i would not acknowledge you. But hey while were at it let me inform you of ways you could be less of an evil bitch. When your sister miscarried prior to you finding out you were pregnant, its safe to assume asking to name your kid the name your sister had planned for years….i dont care that you asked. Who the fuck does that? Then you ruin it by using it as a middle name. Seriously? Then you randomly were gonna move to colorado. Since high school that has been my plan. Now all the sudden its yours. Give me a break. Im glad you have started to attend church so much now. It has to give you more time to pray for forgiveness for all the evil shit you do. Write that in your hallmark card.

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