• Encouragements-From One Who Has Seen it All

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    Right now

    You probably love someone, don’t you?
    Maybe you two are happily together,
    And good for you
    But most of us, love someone who do not love us,
    Or who we cannot have
    I know that firsthand
    And how sad is that
    Or we love someone who says they love us but we know we love them more
    Maybe your heart is broken right now
    Maybe you think you can’t go on
    Maybe you think no one out there loves you and no one ever will
    Maybe you think you are worthless
    Maybe you are depressed
    Maybe you feel lonely and alone
    Maybe you just don’t want to breathe anymore

    Forget all of that for just a moment

    Breathe, you are alive
    No matter how awful things seem right now,
    Someone out there loves you
    Yes you!

    Relax for just a moment, you deserve it

    Take it from me, someone who has has loved and been through hell like you couldn’t believe, but just listen to me

    You can’t let someone define you
    Don’t let someone make you nervous
    You are you, and you are a beautiful human being
    Let determination run through your blood
    Get everything you want and so greatly deserve in this life
    Be who you want to be
    Do what makes your soul sing
    Take naps
    Go for walks
    Take long showers
    Adopt fifty cats
    Listen to good music
    Find someone who you love but who loves you even more
    Smile at people
    Be someone you love

    Live this life and go through with it, because one day everything will make sense, you will understand
    Be a rainbow in a cloudy sky
    The first flower of spring
    You can do this, I believe in you

    Right now, go make yourself some hot chocolate
    Eat something you like
    Watch a movie
    Do what makes you happy right now

    Even if you’re as sad as you can be, I guarantee you you can find something to smile about

    Live life, and don’t give up, beautiful.

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    1. Anon
      January 29, 2016 at 8:10 pm

      This is absolutely beautiful, I will reread this on my darkest days..

      Thank you lovely Author..

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