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    Dear Friend,
    I just dealt with the last thing that has been giving me stress for all these seven months.
    It is the last that I need to solve because it is the least dangerous to me, and that’s why I could delay facing the problem while hoping that those people would come to their senses and wake up to their conscience. Well, the fact is, they didn’t, and so I warned them several times, but they ignored me. That was why I needed to do so many things. I talked to the police, consulted a solicitor as well as private detectives. And I made a formal written complaint to the principal.
    Those shamelss people even thought of calling me insane and try to say that everything was my imagination. Ya. Just the same as he did when I talked to him. They are so cheap and cowardice. Poke Kai. Bitches and sons of bitches. I knew they were trying to say that I was crazy and then they could shirk everything off. That’s why I backed down. But I am sure they did not only hack my Instagram and blog. They did something more. If I could lay my hands on any evidence, I will certainly sue.
    I did not want to sue even when I filed the complaint to the principal. But after knowing that they even tried to say that I am crazy and still they did not stop spying immediately, I have no doubt that those people never knew when to stop. They simply have no sense, no conscience, and so I must take action to protect myself. If I find any evidence, I will certainly sue. I will report it to the police. Those people are all bullies, and they will do it again. They will, because they don’t know how to respect people.
    They go into the classroom and teach students how to behave well and be fair and righteous, but they act totally differently once outside the classroom.
    I hate them so much.
    God should condemn them all to hell.
    If you are a ghost, come and haunt them, curse them through to their second lives.

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