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    sitting somewhere alone .. i really miss u my love, and i miss u too dad and ur perfect cooking, and i miss my older brother arguments, i miss mu brothers kids since my life changed and i just went away, im coming home soon, im sorry if the break up changed my life upside down i just felt lost when i woke up one day and i found im alone, i really miss kissing her hands when im driving the car or kiss her every morning, i miss you really because you were the breath what im breathing, but now since i started suffering new psychological sickness that im silent and i have no friends and always my mind flying away with my memories, i feel im not good for anyone anymore, just when i knew about your new bf i feel like im broken to a thousands of pieces and the problem is i can’t back to you again e en i love u so much i have to lie , yes my soulmate i have to lie to let u go away , but believe im sorry because i don’t know who i am today all i lnow i am so sharp person in his work so stricted and hurting tons of girls who trying to join my life im sorry for them too but i really have no heart to give anymore, i dont know am i going to the end of my life or im going to something better ? i am in a place where even the ghosts will never know where i am but … ppl here are so kind by nature .

    please my …. my soulmate i know u have new bf and i know u are good girl no matter what happened between us but i want u to love him right please love him deep and take care of him he might be not so patient like me but never mind try to avoid falling into wrong lanes ., please love him and don’t hurt him cuz i know maybe u didn’t mean to hurt me , i know u were feeling tired and broed from living thousands of miles away , i know u need someone beside you , please take care of your self and ur health and him and dont forget to do not be lazy anymore you should practice some sports , and stop drinking acid drinks 🙂

    im sorry for my last letter i sent but since u gone i waited so long talking to my self when u were just a shadow in photos i still talk to u in photos like crazy … but now im who became shadow im sorry if im gone .. but i will always remember u by good and u remember me by good too we had alot of amazing memories even our twin face and mind im sure we are still connected.

    i think thats all i wanted to say but for sorry you read me. its just a message in a bottle thrown in the sea .

    I love you my N my amazing soulmate and twin brain .. my perfect match , i will miss you so much , now i have to disappear in peace and ne er look behind don’t know where life will take me but … i will try to survive . and i forgot to tell you one thing during all this years i really never cheat on you not be ause of worries but because i grew up in clean family teached me to be loyal and honest. but now i have to open my life to anyone will be copy of you . im still looking and seems i will search forever.. because i know i cant finc same like you .

    GoodBye my life lover and my heart beat .


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